The Courage to Make Our Move

Video #2 in our new video series is here for you.

I was asked the question “How did you find the courage to move your life from the city to the country? How did you deal with the difficulties that came with this move?”

So I’ve shared some of my story with you and then I’ve created an exercise to help you explore, understand and strengthen your own courage.

It’s a 10 page interactive eBook that invites you to map your own courage process and answer questions that will uncover how you go about employing courage in your life and ways to make it easier to live more courageously.

You can download the free exercise experience by clicking on the image below:


I’m still warming up to the camera. I think I’m a little uptight and slow in this video but I’ve already recorded 2 more ready for the coming weeks and rest assured I’m getting much better with each one. I’m finding more confidence and engagement and over time I’ll get snappier in my delivery. Thanks for coming on this journey with me as I evolve within the medium of video.

Please send me an email at with your experience of this exercise. Let me know what it opens up for you and what you discover.

Love and courage,