Today, is the New Art World. Tomorrow, it Will be Even Newer Again.


Do we agree that it makes sense that a business person can enjoy art?



Then is it not absurd to think that an artist cannot enjoy business?

As artists, I think we find it difficult to publicly express any possible love of commerce, organisation and marketing.

This sense of silence has been established and reinforced by the traditional structures of patron and artist; gallerist and artist. The representative took care of the financial and marketing elements of an artist’s work and helped to steer the artist in a direction that was beneficial to both the artist and the patron/gallery.

This structure worked well in many ways; but there were inherent problems too.

This structure has shifted dramatically and we find ourselves in new, exciting times.

It is the time for artists to become comfortable with business, if they wish to fully embrace the breadth of their artistic practice – from concept to realisation to selling (from commercial, tangible sales to grant writing – it is all selling. Selling is simply the voluntary supply of something in response to a request. Grant writing and art sales can be beautiful, meaningful activities and transactions, but they are essentially sales, and that’s okay.)

We need to create a space for open conversations to be had around art, money, marketing, systems and culture.

Good marketing can change the world in good ways.

An intimate relationship with the inner workings of commerce are what sustain the production of exceptional artists and organisations.

A passionate approach to organisation makes things work more efficiently so we can get on with the actions of creativity and innovation.

If you have the idea that you can’t be a deeply considered, dedicated and culturally progressive artist who also has their eyes open to the wider setting their work sits within – and how that work can be funded and sustained in compelling ways – then, you’re wrong.

This idea is an often unmentioned belief within the artistic world. It is not cool to talk about the economics or strategy around the conveyance of our work. It is, in fact, viewed as really quite distasteful.

This view is unhelpful.

Giving someone a box and telling them to sit in it, doesn’t work anymore.

People are smart.

Our world is smart.

We need to stop limiting people based upon the ideas of the past and encourage a more open dialogue that seeks to construct new ways of thinking and doing.

Today, is not the old art world.

Today, is the new art world.

Tomorrow, will be even newer again.

Let’s start there.

From there, we can talk.


I Believe in The Imagination of Every Human Being


When we’re children, our imagination is vivid and free. It plays an integral role in our understanding and experience of the world around us.

Yet, as we grow older, we are taught to not imagine. To conform and follow what already exists.

This must change.

We must begin to imagine again.

To imagine what we wish our world could be,
to imagine how we’d like to feel inside of ourselves,
to imagine new ways of solving old problems that change things for good.

Let’s really open our minds and allow ourselves to think and feel differently.

It is time.

I am developing a new leadership program with the Institute for Global Women Leaders that will launch in the coming months. This will be your way of experiencing the thinking tools and creative activities I have developed over the past 12 years as an artist and creative entrepreneur, that will help you to expand your approach to your life and business.

Let’s think in full colour.
Let’s see with open eyes and hearts.
Let’s imagine, employ our courage and set about creating what it is we envision.

I want to help you create new neural pathways in your brain that support your inner intentions, as a woman and as a human being.


I Feel So Lucky To Be Alive


I just think living is the most incredible thing. The more research I do in the end of life/palliative care space, the more layers of appreciation I feel.

Negative experiences become different shades of colours and challenges become new textures. I feel less attached to the suffering of the moment and find more surrender within the experience of living itself.

Perhaps as we near the end of our lives we are able to look from a distance that allows that openness. I think it’s probably quite terrifying to be honest during our lives – honesty can be a frightening thing.

Perhaps there is courage that is found when we can see our lives from that distance?

Perhaps we could consider ways of gaining distance at an earlier stage in our lives, in order to access the courage we need to be more honest and open. To be able to speak with direct truth.