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This Is What’s Important : The Golden Centre


It’s the first time I’m defining it in such a way – so bare with me here – I’m trying something.

Some might call it the Spirit, others might call it the Creative Self.

The reason I prefer the term ‘Centre’ as opposed to ‘Self or Spirit’ is because it takes some of the force and pressure associated with focusing on ourselves head-on. It allows us to create some distance so help us see more clearly.

The Golden Centre is the place where our ideas, memories, decisions, behaviours, hope, fears, drive and faith collide.

Every decision we make, idea we have, expression we share, thing we create: is primarily influenced by the information and environment we cultivate inside of ourselves.

We seek goals outside of ourselves – money, relationships, career achievements – and yet, so often, we can become paralysed by these external expectations. Like we’re pulling ourselves along, rather than letting our Golden Centre lead us.

This is something I’ve gotten wrong so many times in my life. I’ve beaten myself up, given in, played the victim and believed a story that said – “If you haven’t done/achieved/experienced that thing yet, it’s your fault, you’re not good enough.”

My ego has been the loudest voice – and the ego’s only agenda is one of defeat at all costs. It is the rock put in front of us that we think is there to block the path and tell us we’re heading in the wrong direction, when really (as I’m coming to realise at the age of 31) it is there as an invitation to build our muscles to be stronger – so we lift it out of the way and continue on.

Our ego is not inside our Golden Centre. It is in our head. When we lead with our Centre, we are leading ourselves with warmth, compassion and courage. The most beautiful qualities that exist inside of every human being.

So, when we’re seeking the achievement of a goal, it’s not about focusing purely on that goal, it’s about doing the work beneath, around and behind the goal.

Writing the blog posts, experimenting with the ideas, meeting the people, creating the artworks, interrogating the brief, defining ourselves through each intuitive decision that we make.

When I use the word ‘work’ what I mean is ‘creativity’. The process of making, speaking, sharing, engaging, reflecting, defining. Creativity is the process of what we create. Let yourself enjoy the process. It’s there to be enjoyed.

Here are the things that nurture my Golden Centre – things I love to do:

- writing about the creative process and my own experiences that feed and influence that process
- reading about other people’s creative processes
- making Ink-Pressings
- hosting Pressing Sessions
- leading Innovation Workshops
- spending time with friends - listening to their stories
- running
- thinking quietly – totally alone, space to think, feel, reflect, be
- binge watching feel-good, funny TV series’ – Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock (the more dorky the better) – often as a way of tuning out at the end of the day – because you can’t be creating/reflecting/sharing all the time – sometimes you just have to not achieve

Now, when I start feeling overwhelmed I dial the compass back to my Golden Centre.

I nurture my spirit.

I write words, I make new artworks, I ask people questions, I listen to stories, I host workshops.

I do the work, because that is what nourishes me.

That’s how I know I’m doing the right work – because it makes me feel good when I do it.


Ps. What work makes you feel good to do? What nourishes your Golden Centre?

This post is in answer to the question “Tell us about something that is important to you.” and is the second in a 7 part series for the #yourturnchallenge initiated by Winnie Kao, Special Project Lead for Seth Godin.
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You Can’t Make Creativity Happen, You Can Only Allow It


You know how sometimes the most insightful conversations occur when you least expect them?

That sometimes, a brilliant idea appears when you think you’re not thinking at all?

That often, the solution to a problem you’ve been stuck on becomes so apparent that you wondered how you didn’t see it sitting right in front of you all along?

These are Eureka moments and they happen when we just. let. go.

You can’t make brilliant creativity happen, you can only allow it.

You can create an environment for it. You can study for it. You can collaborate with excellent people towards it.

But in the end, those actual moments arise when we relax our minds, take the pressure off and head inwards to the place that only we know.


The place where our imaginations meet our memories, our desires meet our knowledge.

We are able to see clearly because our view isn’t disrupted by external limitations or rules.

We don’t have to answer questions head-on, we can tell stories. We don’t have to compete, we can share experiences.

That’s when our most deeply creative processes make themselves seen.

That’s why I make Ink-Pressings. I am inspired by own ideas, freedoms and joys. I head inwards and stop speaking or thinking. I let go. I give in.

That’s why I love sharing the technique with other people so much.


There is so much beauty to be found in watching other people let go. Watching other people remember that they’re alive. That they matter. That their stories, ideas, memories, freedoms and joys, are real.

To be. To make. To experiment. To relax. To be alone, together. To share our stories. To see our lives.

That’s it.


Ps. What helps you to allow your creativity to become alive? To ease you into your flow?

This post is in answer to the question “Why are you doing the Your Turn Challenge?” and is the first in a 7 part series for the #yourturnchallenge initiated by Winnie Kao, Special Project Lead for Seth Godin.
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For Passionate Thought Leaders & Their Teams in 2015



We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of our new Innovation Workshop programs for the new year.

How do we get your people thinking creatively, passionately and proactively?

We need to create a space for them to think, to feel and create. We need to provide them with new thinking tools and new ways of seeing the world that allow them to solve old problems with new approaches.


How do we engender a sense of ownership and positivity that will drive your team through the challenging and complex process of bringing new ideas into reality?

Flutter Lyon Innovation Workshops are designed to drive a series of practicalcreative and communication outcomes for your team.

Closely guided by Artist and Creative Director Flutter Lyon, your staff will work through a range of funchallenging and engaging activities to develop their skills in:

• sensory perception;
• concentration;
• memory recall;
• imagination activation;
• deadline agility

Flutter reconnects your staff with their strengths and helps draw upon their experiences in the workplace to unlock idea generation and true innovation.



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