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Flutter Lyon x Virgin Mobile Australia

I recently worked with Virgin Mobile Australia to create a new Ink- Pressing that explores our human relationships with technology. Titled ‘Our Words Become Our Daily Songs’ the creation of the piece and a day in my life (we had to vacuum the house), features in this special video released today!

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 5.28.15 pm

This was an experiment, an exploration of working with a major brand to share my story and encourage more people to consider the story they are creating each day. We were so lucky to work with the team at VERSUS on shooting this piece.

I loved being a part of this project and being given a voice amongst a wider audience. I do believe that our mobile technology is a tool that allows us to capture and share our living biography. It’s a tool to help us see the life we’re living, in different ways, if we choose to use it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 5.26.18 pm

Special thanks to:
Featuring (my best friend) Adam Peacock and our favourite local Scout’s Honour
Representation, love and laughter by Baru Art
Beautiful accessories by Nikita Margarita at Doodad & Fandango
Fashion by Gorman
Styling by (my beautiful girlfriend) Claire Bornhoffen

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Everything You Need Is There To Be Seen


If you believe there is something beautiful you’d like to do with your life, keep sculpting your existence until you’re doing exactly that.

Sometimes it might be hard to articulate what it is you’re here to do – but just keep following that feeling that won’t leave you alone and you will find the way.

Everything you need is there to be seen.